Hawk M2M - Your Link to the Internet of Things

Hawk M2M is bringing the Internet of Things to your company, so you can connect your products, machines, sensors, or operations to the Internet. We specialize in the design of cellular devices for mass deployment, either within your entity or in a connected product you are bringing to market. We also connect your legacy devices to LTE or 3G networks.

At Hawk M2M, we excel in product development where intermittent connections may exist, power is limited, and network bandwidth needs to remain minimal. By utilizing the most efficient communication protocols possible, we’re able to maximize transmission frequency and simultaneously reduce network cost  - all while consuming as little power as possible to extend battery life. As a result, you receive a robust, smart device that meets today’s Industrial Internet of Things standards.

You Dream it, we Build It

Hawk M2M engineers the hardware and software in new product development of "smart," connected devices intended for mass deployment in the market place. Design for Manufacturing is an integral part of the development process to ensure products are designed reliably and cost-effectively to the consumer and producer.

For instance, by leveraging the power of the cellular network, Hawk M2M can build "smart" battery- and solar-powered devices that communicate hourly over the LTE network using data plans as low as $1/month. This allows organizations to monitor 1,000s of sensors, devices, or machines in the field with unprecedented control and data analytics.


For Executives

Grow long-term, recurring revenue with sales of smart, connected devices in your industry. Contact Hawk M2M for a technical feasibility study.


For Operations Directors

Streamline the way your organization monitors, controls, and communicates with machinery, equipment, or operational assets. Leverage today’s advanced technology to operate more efficiently.


For IT Professionals

Partner with Hawk M2M to integrate sophisticated electronic hardware into your network. Utilize Hawk M2M’s vast knowledge of front-end hardware, software, and communication protocols so you can focus on back-end solutions. Aggregate data from devices in-situ through MQTT brokers and APIs.


For Engineers & Entreprenuers

Reduce Time-to-Market by utilizing Hawk M2M’s specialized services (see "Specialized Services list below).

Specialized Services

Hawk M2M can add value and functionality quickly to your projects and prototypes.

  • IoT/M2M Design Specifications
  • Embedded Circuit Board Design
  • Microcontroller Firmware
  • Power Distribution/Management
  • Mechanical Design or Integration
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Setup
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Prototypes
  • Design Reviews
  • Battery & Solar Integration
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • Machine Vision
  • Machine Learning

Connect your products, machines, sensors, or operations to the Internet.

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